Introducing Permascaping

Permaculture Landscaping: The way nature intended

What is Permascaping?

Permaculture landscaping means applying the

to your yard, to create a self-sustaining natural system of edible and medicinal plants for your family.

Why Permaculture Landscaping?

Regulate your yard’s temperature & climate

Permaculture landscaping creates microclimates, which help keep your property more comfortable year-round.



Develop a private food & water source

Permaculture landscaping creates the conditions for your plants to thrive on their own, which means low-maintenance gardens for you & your family. It also centers around the capture of valuable resources like rainwater and sun energy.

Build soil health & increase your property value

In the next 10 years, we believe soil health will become a factor in property value appraisals. More & more people want to grow their own food, and fertile land will be highly sought-after.



Help regenerate wildlife & reduce pests

Permaculture landscaping creates habitats for beneficial predators to keep insects and rodents under control, so you can enjoy your yard and its fruits year-round.

Reverse the Heat Island effect

Creating green oases in our yards reverses the Heat Island effect in our cities, and helps bring Earth back into balance with itself.


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